Custom bundling #

Math.js is a large library containing many data types and functions. It is well possible that you only need a small portion of the library. Math.js allows for creating a custom index file, loading only the data types and functions that you need. This give faster load times, and allows bundling only the used part of the library with tools like Webpack or browserify.

To load an empty instance of math.js, load mathjs/core. This core only contains functions import and config.

// Load the math.js core
const core = require('mathjs/core')

// Create a new, empty math.js instance
// It will only contain methods `import` and `config`
const math = core.create()

Then, use math.import to load the needed data types and functions. It’s important to load the data types first, and after that load functions and constants. The functions are dynamically built, depending on the available data types.

// load the data types you need. Let's say you just want to use fractions,
// but no matrices, complex numbers, bignumbers, and other stuff.
// To load all data types:
//     math.import(require('mathjs/lib/type'))

// Load the functions you need.
// To load all functions:
//     math.import(require('mathjs/lib/function'))
// To load all functions of a specific category:
//     math.import(require('mathjs/lib/function/arithmetic'))

To see which data types and categories are available, explore the index.js files in the folder ./lib.

The imported functions and data types can now be used:

// Use the loaded functions
const a = math.fraction(1, 3)
const b = math.fraction(3, 7)
const c = math.add(a, b)
console.log('result:', math.format(c)) // outputs "result: 16/21"

Suppose the custom loading code (loading mathjs/core and doing the imports) is located in a file custom_loading.js. It’s now possible to bundle this file using for example browserify:

$ browserify custom_loading.js -o custom_loading.bundle.js
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