Function equalText #

Check equality of two strings. Comparison is case sensitive.

For matrices, the function is evaluated element wise.

Syntax #

math.equalText(x, y)

Parameters #

Parameter Type Description
x string | Array | DenseMatrix First string to compare
y string | Array | DenseMatrix Second string to compare

Returns #

Type Description
number | Array | DenseMatrix Returns true if the values are equal, and false if not.

Examples #

math.equalText('Hello', 'Hello')     // returns true
math.equalText('a', 'A')             // returns false
math.equal('2e3', '2000')            // returns true
math.equalText('2e3', '2000')        // returns false

math.equalText('B', ['A', 'B', 'C']) // returns [false, true, false]

See also #

equal, compareText, compare, compareNatural

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