Function hasNumericValue #

Test whether a value is an numeric value.

In case of a string, true is returned if the string contains a numeric value.

Syntax #


Parameters #

Parameter Type Description
x * Value to be tested

Returns #

Type Description
boolean Returns true when x is a number, BigNumber, Fraction, Boolean, or a String containing number. Returns false for other types. Throws an error in case of unknown types.

Throws #

Type | Description —- | ———–

Examples #

math.hasNumericValue(2)                     // returns true
math.hasNumericValue('2')                   // returns true
math.isNumeric('2')                         // returns false
math.hasNumericValue(0)                     // returns true
math.hasNumericValue(math.bignumber(500))   // returns true
math.hasNumericValue(math.fraction(4))      // returns true
math.hasNumericValue(math.complex('2-4i'))  // returns false
math.hasNumericValue(false)                 // returns true
math.hasNumericValue([2.3, 'foo', false])   // returns [true, false, true]

See also #

isZero, isPositive, isNegative, isInteger, isNumeric

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