Function rationalize #

Transform a rationalizable expression in a rational fraction. If rational fraction is one variable polynomial then converts the numerator and denominator in canonical form, with decreasing exponents, returning the coefficients of numerator.

Syntax #

rationalize(expr, detailed)
rationalize(expr, scope)
rationalize(expr, scope, detailed)

Parameters #

Parameter Type Description
expr Node | string The expression to check if is a polynomial expression
optional Object | boolean scope of expression or true for already evaluated rational expression at input
detailed Boolean optional True if return an object, false if return expression node (default)

Returns #

Type Description
Object | Node The rational polynomial of expr or an object {expression, numerator, denominator, variables, coefficients}, where expression is a Node with the node simplified expression, numerator is a Node with the simplified numerator of expression, denominator is a Node or boolean with the simplified denominator or false (if there is no denominator), variables is an array with variable names, and coefficients is an array with coefficients of numerator sorted by increased exponent {Expression Node} node simplified expression

Throws #

Type | Description —- | ———–

Examples #

              //  Error: There is an unsolved function call
math.rationalize('2x/y - y/(x+1)')
              // (2*x^2-y^2+2*x)/(x*y+y)
              // 64*x^6+192*x^5+240*x^4+160*x^3+60*x^2+12*x+1
math.rationalize('2x/( (2x-1) / (3x+2) ) - 5x/ ( (3x+4) / (2x^2-5) ) + 3')
              // -20*x^4+28*x^3+104*x^2+6*x-12)/(6*x^2+5*x-4)
math.rationalize('x/(1-x)/(x-2)/(x-3)/(x-4) + 2x/ ( (1-2x)/(2-3x) )/ ((3-4x)/(4-5x) )') =
              // (-30*x^7+344*x^6-1506*x^5+3200*x^4-3472*x^3+1846*x^2-381*x)/
              //     (-8*x^6+90*x^5-383*x^4+780*x^3-797*x^2+390*x-72)

math.rationalize('x+x+x+y',{y:1}) // 3*x+1
math.rationalize('x+x+x+y',{})    // 3*x+y

const ret = math.rationalize('x+x+x+y',{},true)
              // ret.expression=3*x+y, ret.variables = ["x","y"]
const ret = math.rationalize('-2+5x^2',{},true)
              // ret.expression=5*x^2-2, ret.variables = ["x"], ret.coefficients=[-2,0,5]

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