Function resolve #

resolve(expr, scope) replaces variable nodes with their scoped values

Syntax #

resolve(expr, scope)

Parameters #

Parameter Type Description
node Node | Node[] The expression tree (or trees) to be simplified
scope Object Scope specifying variables to be resolved

Returns #

Type Description
Node | Node[] Returns node with variables recursively substituted.

Throws #

Type Description
ReferenceError If there is a cyclic dependency among the variables in scope, resolution is impossible and a ReferenceError is thrown.

Examples #

math.resolve('x + y', {x:1, y:2})           // Node '1 + 2'
math.resolve(math.parse('x+y'), {x:1, y:2}) // Node '1 + 2'
math.simplify('x+y', {x:2, y: math.parse('x+x')}).toString() // "6"

See also #

simplify, evaluate

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