Function typed #

Create a typed-function which checks the types of the arguments and can match them against multiple provided signatures. The typed-function automatically converts inputs in order to find a matching signature. Typed functions throw informative errors in case of wrong input arguments.

See the library typed-function for detailed documentation.

Syntax #

math.typed(name, signatures) : function
math.typed(signatures) : function

Parameters #

Parameter Type Description
name string Optional name for the typed-function
signatures Object<string, function> Object with one or multiple function signatures

Returns #

Type Description
function The created typed-function.

Throws #

Type | Description —- | ———–

Examples #

// create a typed function with multiple types per argument (type union)
const fn2 = typed({
  'number | boolean': function (b) {
    return 'b is a number or boolean'
  'string, number | boolean': function (a, b) {
    return 'a is a string, b is a number or boolean'

// create a typed function with an any type argument
const log = typed({
  'string, any': function (event, data) {
    console.log('event: ' + event + ', data: ' + JSON.stringify(data))
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