Install #

Math.js can be installed via various package managers:

Package Manager Installation
npm (recommended)
npm install mathjs
bower (deprecated)
bower install mathjs

When installed globally with npm (using the -g option), math.js is available as a command line application mathjs, see documentation on Command Line Interface.

Download #

Math.js can be downloaded or linked from various content delivery networks:


Here some direct download links from unpkg:

Development (version 4.0.1) 1622 kB, uncompressed with comments
Production (version 4.0.1) 129 kB, minified and gzipped

Too large for you? Create your own custom bundle.

Extensions #

Web Service #

Math.js is available as a RESTful web service:

History #

A changelog describing the changes with each release is available on the page History.

Browser support #

Math.js works on any ES5 compatible JavaScript engine: node.js 0.10 and newer and IE11 and newer. If support for old browsers is required, the es5-shim library has to be loaded.

Source code #

The source code of math.js is available on GitHub:

License #

Math.js is open source and licensed under the Apache 2.0 License

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